Muscle Building Overview

Muscle Building Supplement Guide

Looking to pack on your muscle or build size/strength? It's not all about what you do in the gym, nutrition is key to reaching your muscle growth goals. Muscle building supplements may enhance your diet and provide your body with key nutrients when it needs them most!*

Muscle building products are designed to:
  • Promote lean muscle tissue growth*
  • Enhance protein systhesis*
  • Reduce the risk of catabolism (muscle loss)*
  • Support optimal recovery from intense workout routines*
  • Increase energy levels during your workout*
  • Enhance your focus during your workout*
  • Promote optimal blood flow to working muscle tissue*
  • Reduce Fatigue so you can push more reps, and more sets*

Browse our complete list of muscle building categories below. If you're confused about what products you should use in your stack, check out our exclusive muscle building stacks. These stacks have been built for people looking to build muscle and are priced lower than building the products individually.

Muscle Building Categories

Muscle Building Stacks

Muscle Building Stacks

Our exclusive muscle building stacks take the guess work out of selecting the right stack! Save money by buying the stack rather than individual products!

Top Stacks: M&S Workout Stack, Monster Stack, Complete Nutrient Timing Stack, MusclePharm Get Swole Stack & The Totality Stack

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Protein Supplements


Protein is the single most important nutrient for muscle growth.* Protein supplements allow you to reach your daily protein goals and maximize your results!

Top Products: Premium Series Protein, Combat Powder, American ISO, IsoFUEL, Syngex & Elite XT

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Creatine Supplements


Creatine is one of the most widely-used (and scientifically studied) supplements available. Creatine promotes strength, power, and lean muscle!*

Top Products: Creatine RT, Creature Powder, CreaCore, CreaVar, MusclePharm Creatine & Dymatize Creatine

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BCAA supplements are designed for anyone who trains hard regularly and wants to preserve lean muscle tissue while preventing catabolism (muscle breakdown).*

Top Products: Hydramino BCAAs, Amino 1, IntrAbolic, Modern BCAA, Amino X & Xtend

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Pre-Workout Boosters

Pre-Workout Boosters

Pre-workout supplements support maximum energy and focus so that you can get the most out of your intense workout routines and see results!*

Top Products: Assault, C4 Extreme, PreSurge Unleashed, Cardio Igniter, 12-Gauge Shotgun, 1.M.R., & NeuroCore

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Weight Gainers

Weight Gainers

Weight gain supplements are designed to give you the extra calories and protein you need to pack on size!* Add some calories to help gain weight!

Top Products: Weight Gainer 1400, True-Mass, Monster Mass, Mass-Tech, Serious Mass, Muscle Juice, & Elite Mass

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Natural Test Boosters

Natural Test Boosters

Natural testosterone boosters may help support recovery, libido, and lean muscle mass in men.* Try these natural products with your muscle building program!

Top Products: Athletic Edge APE, HumanoGrowth, Z-Force, ZMA Max, Core Test, A-HD, & Animal Stak

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Post Workout Supplements

Post Workout Recovery

Post-workout supplements are engineered to help your body recover fast from an intense workouts.* Support optimal muscle growth & recovery!*

Top Products: Recon, Cell-Tech, Cellmass 2.0, Vitargo S2, After Shock, MyoBuild, & Core PWO

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Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric oxide promotes blood and oxygen flow throughout the muscles. Feel the muscle pump and get the best workouts with NO2!*

Top Products: Hybrid N.O., Hemavol Powder, Nitrix, Nytric EFX PRO, C4 Extreme, Condense, & No-Xplode 2.0

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Growth Hormone Boosters

Growth Hormone Boosters

Support your body's natural production of growth hormone with Growth Hormone (GH) Boosting Supplements!*

Top Products: HGH Up, Animal PM, HGH Pro, Dymatize GABA, NMDA, Arginine Pyroglutamate with Lysine, & GH Factor

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