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MuscleTech Platinum Stack

MuscleTech Platinum Stack

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Team MuscleTech™ is dedicated to helping body-builders and athletes of every level achieve their goals with products that deliver rapid and dramatic results. At Team MuscleTech™, our mission is to continuously research, develop, patent, and produce the most effective diet and sports supplements in the world. Every year, utilizing a multimillion-dollar research budget, we devote countless hours of research to providing body-builders and athletes with the most groundbreaking supplements this industry has to offer.

Thu, Oct 23rd

Betancourt Fat Melting Stack

Fri, Oct 24th

Massive Ronnie Coleman Muscle Building Stack

Mon, Oct 27th

Cellucor High Definition Stack

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  • She's mean, she's green -- she's Shelley!

  • What do Kirt and Ronnie Coleman have in common? Everything!

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  • What's up, Steven? How's Top Secret Nutrition treating you?

  • Kristopher and his fashionable USPLabs stack. Nice color scheme!

  • Juan is super suave with his Betancourt Stack!

  • Rakeen got the hook up from RSP!

  • Jessica is as pleased as a Fruit Punch Pre-Workout with her HIT stack!

  • Amanda's ready to kick some booty with her Athletic Edge stack!

  • Christopher is sporting quite the collection from NutriForce!

  • Why so happy, Daniel? Oh, I see -- EVL!

  • Dakota knows all about the "lightweight baby!"

  • Anthony showcases his USPLabs Jack3d Stack.

  • John, the Spartan shows off his Six Star Stack.

  • Who's got 2 thumbs and a ton of MusclePharm? Eliot!

  • Charles put his NutriForce stack to work right away!

  • Jason and Little Man -- proof that iForce Hemavol gives you da pump!

  • Michelle's as sweet as Nectar thanks to Syntrax!

  • Garbriel's rocking that Man Sports swag!

  • Watch out for Jose and his Athletic Edge stack -- ripping up a gym near you!

  • John -- you're awesome! Even Ronnie Coleman thinks so.

  • Kevin sent us this Six Star pic so we sent him a free shirt. He needed it...

  • Brad is loaded! He's got MusclePharm for days.

  • Hey Jesse -- Nice Camera work, Nice NutriForce!

  • Gary lifts. See? How about you?

  • Our friend Nenad in Serbia won this Muscletech stack!

  • Terry knocked this pic out of the park! Congrats on the AEN win!

  • Mark and his little miss MusclePharm!

  • Where's Mark? There he is! He's Camouflaged behind his Arnold Stack!

  • Meredith won twice! That's probably why his back is so huge.

  • Hide yo' kids, Hide yo' wife - Jeremy, his guns and his PNI stack everyone!

  • Lee's a very busy man! This Athletic Xtreme Stack should keep him going!

  • Josef and his MP are ready to rock at Rutgers!

  • Juan is on the cutting edge of innovative ingredients thanks to SD!

  • David is getting one more rep and then some with his BPI stack!

  • Jonathan may indeed Xplode w/ excitement over his BSN win!

  • Don't look now, but I think there's a troll after Ryan's Betancourt stack!

  • MuscleTaylor got the MusclePharm treatment!

  • Sheldon don't need no stinkin' girlfriend. He's got M&S to take to the dance!

  • Jose's showing off his six-shooter and his Six Star Stack!

  • Zach Attack and his Betancourt Stack!

  • Great Scotts -- Look at all that BSN!

  • This is Jack. We think he likes his Arnold Stack.

  • Christmas came a little early this year for Casey!

  • Game! Cocks! Game! Cocks! Marc! Human Evolution!

  • John is showing off some of his recent winnings!

  • Rudy celebrates M&S's Birthday with his Tower of Power - Congrats!

  • Our Homie Cory and his Homie Ronnie!

  • Two times the fun for Tony and his MRE Protein!

  • Kylie and Josh rocking their EVL!

  • Dennis puts MuscleTech to the test!

  • Christian is serving our Country - You know he's up to the job with Jack3d!

  • Danny has always been a Freak -- now he has proof!

  • Ivan showing off his Swole as he prepares for the Highland Games!

  • Nick and Clive sporting some Amino Build!

  • Michael preparing an MRE feast!

  • Someone's gotta say it. Steve is Psycho!

  • Jackpot -- Brodie struck it rich in Dymatize!

  • Mr Olympia himself - Dave & his HUGE ON stack win!

  • TSN Natasha and her huge Top Secret Stack!

  • Eric took a scoop of Assault & now he's in the game!

  • Logan won a pair of Cardio Igniters & a pair of helping hands!

  • Jared's been awful Cocky since he won this ON Whey -- Go Gamecocks!

  • Jay is a Machine with his tub of Clash!

  • Kelly is pumped with her MusclePharm win!

  • Cassie is simply stunning with her D-Stunner!

  • MuscleTech hooked up Randy with a signed Jose Bautista jersey!

  • A Steven-Selfie with his Phase8!

  • Congrats to Gail for being crowned the new Miss MusclePharm!

  • Chris and his Bicep-Buddy show off a score from TSN!

  • Mikael is repping from Finland! LIV & let LIV!

  • Jared's got back! (and Friction)

  • Look at this Ripped Freak! Oh, and there's Paul!

  • Someone save Travis! He's buried in a stack of NutriForce supps!

  • Davon is a wild man -- An ANIMAL even!

  • Alec is out of room in his dorm thanks to the MASS provided by Scivation!

  • Cory's nekkid! That's so Craze!

  • Sang got the hook-up from Purus Labs. Look at that focus!

  • Whey to go Jesse! Whey...To...Go...

  • Joshua & Test Charge! (Don't worry - no one notices your messy room)

  • Jeff had Magic looking after him when he won this Friction!

  • M&S & Jacob: working together to set all kinds of PRs!

  • Scott holds the union of Science and Innovation in the palms of his hands!

  • Genomyx and Logan - Kicking butt since... 5 minutes ago!

  • Miguel wasted no time putting the new PRESURGE to use!

  • Here's Jason giving a HOOT about his TSN energy stack!

  • Joyce gets pumped with C4 before coaching her Spin class!

  • Brian! You did it - Whey to go!

  • Superman's gone APE! (Actually, that's Ryan)

  • Our local supporter Rodney is repping M&S big time!

  • Seth added a good 14" to his biceps with American ISO!

  • Meet Danny and his MusclePharmed family!

  • Dear Sandey, Thank you for your smile. Oh, & congrats on the Frictions!

  • Robert is jazzed as he proudly displays his Pineapple Craze!

  • Everyone, meet Joshua, his ape and his APE!

  • Jason won a whole mess of Scivation goodness!

  • Noah was so excited about his EFX stack, he took his shirt off!

  • Phil is ready for battle with his M&S Workout Stack!

  • Rodney turned beast after winning this MGN Synmax!

  • Nat and her sidekick displaying her new Jack3d Micro!

  • Bad to tha Bone Billy and his Scivation haul!

  • Darren was like, "Oh Yeah!" when he won these delicious bars!

  • This Beast is showing off his BEAST win! Right on Wes!

  • The family that trains together... Congrats to Daniel!

  • Tonya is looking explosive with her new Grenade Thermo Detonator!

  • Kyle - M&S Protein and Hydramino would never need a spotter!

  • Kevin got all the Athletic Edge goods!

  • Jay and his super-cute plank partner give this MusclePharm stack a go!

  • Sam likes the Cougars. He also seems to really like his Test Charge!

  • Here's David with his MGN Synmax!

  • Justin's loving life with his potpourri of M&S Hydramino!

  • Nick's looking super warm (hot even?!) in his MusclePharm Hoodie!

  • Brian has his hands full with all kinds of Scivation goodness!

  • Aaron is understandably super-stoked to get his ON Whey Gold Standard!

  • Lookout! Manola's gone APE thanks to Athletic Edge!

  • Scivation says take one scoop of Novem - Taylor took two!

  • Congrats to Luis for winning this MGN Synmax Stack!

  • All American Arthur and his Test Charge stack ladies and gentlemen!

  • Jose is 3.3lbs richer thanks to this ON 100% Whey Gold Standard!

  • The luck of the Irish was smiling on Jens when he won this Craze!

  • Abraham is set for life (ok - a month) with this TSN Stack!

  • Jacked Micro? Don't see anything 'Micro' about this - way to go Daniel!

  • Keith and his iForce Get-Hard stack ladies and gentlemen!

  • Ryan should have left this MGN stack to someone who needs it - BAM!

  • Jeremy won this MusclePharm Gym Sling Bag!

  • Chris upgraded his gym with these All American EFX accessories!

  • It's elemental - Blake is NEON in his new MusclePharm T!

  • William's putting on a few lbs with his TSN Gainer Stack!

  • John and his ANIMALS would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  • Alan won these cute kids & some American ISO!

  • John is overcome with joy over his iForce Hemavol!

  • Heriberto's looking sharp in his new MusclePharm hat!

  • Stephen is rocking out with his BSN Stack!

  • This Beast won the TSN Cardio Igniter stack - congrats Derek!

  • Ryan decided to take his American ISO prize on a joy ride!

  • Chris is getting Crazy with his Craze in his.... Condo?

  • Let's hope Brian's not sharing his Assault with his workout partner!

  • Here's Tom. Meet his guns and his Animal Pak!

  • Travis + TSN Stack = Happy!

  • 'Tis the season for giving! We gave Sean this AEN Stack.

  • Variety, the spice of life. Just ask Jeremy and his Novem!

  • Catherine from Canada won a Cellucor Stack!

  • Jonah's looking quite dapper with his TSN Workout stack!

  • Jeremy doesn't need a stinkin' scoop to enjoy his American ISO win!

  • David got the hook-up with this massive stack from Scivation!

  • Joey is showing off his ON Amino Energy!

  • Roxanne has her hands (and mouth) full with this BSN Stack!