Maik Wiedenbach

Maik is an Olympic-level swimmer who turned to muscle building. He is now an author, and one of the most sought-after trainers in Manhattan.
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Maik Wiedenbach

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About Maik Wiedenbach

A two time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer in Germany, Maik Wiedenbach arrived in the US on a swimming scholarship at Fordham University, from which he graduated with a Bachelor in History, having already received an equivalent degree in German Literature from Germany.

After obtaining his NASM, BSA, and AFPA certifications, Maik founded Adler Training and successfully turned it into one of the most sought-after training and nutritional services in Manhattan, serving clients in top tier facilities.

His system targeting corporate travelers, professionals with time constraints, and clients based out of New York is specifically tailored for "on-the-go" people and those who need to maximize their returns in today's world of frequent travel, long work hours and high stress occupations.

Maik Wiedenbach's Content

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Focus Your Warm-ups And Maximize Your Workouts
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3 Point Muscle Building Method For Better Results
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Is Bodybuilding A Narcissistic Activity?
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9 Tips For Growing Your Shoulders Into Small Melons
Think you've heard it all when it comes to shoulder training? Think again! This article from Maik Weidenbach contains 9 delt destroying tips you may never have seen before.
Maximize Your Workouts By Focusing Your Goals
Do you want a great beach body? Who doesn't! But that isn't a specific goal. Learn how to change your workouts, maximize body parts, and create your dream physique.


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Posted Thu, 01/03/2013 - 09:26

I've watched Maik training people in the gym. He's always focused on the client he's with at the time and delivers more changes to their bodies than any other trainer I've seen. I didn't know about his education in Literature and History, but it makes sense. He's soft spoken and articulate; not qualities found very often in most trainers. I'm happy that this talented man has put his knowledge into a web-site. It should provide a lot of good 'sneak reading' when I should be working!