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Azer is a strength and fitness enthusiast and powerlifter who has been training for 10 years and competing for 5 years, including participating in 4 World Championships.
Azer Aliyev

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NameAzer Aliyev
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My name is Azer Aliyev, I am a 26 year old male originally from Azerbaijan (South of Russia) but based in London, UK. I am a strength and fitness training enthusiast and have been weight training for 10 years and competing in the sport of powerlifting for 5 years, including participating in 4 World Championships. I also have an MA Degree from the University College London (UCL) in Institutions, Development and Globalisation.

I have always competed in the 100kg class and have been drug-free all my life. My best competition lifts (all RAW) are:

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